Mugshots Grill & Bar

TAG: Retail/Mixed Use

LOCATION: Columbus, MS

TYPE: New Construction

New Construction

About Project

Design build services were provided for this client to add a new restaurant to an adjoining shopping center in Columbus, MS. The project involved converting an old garden center for a big box store into a new, welcoming food establishment for the popular franshise. Extensive planning and coordination with the designer, developer, tenant and corporate franchise were required to retrofit the new building into an existing footprint between the existing shopping center and an existing retaining wall. An additional challenge was getting the necessary utilities to the restaurant, as property lines and existing buildings blocked access. The exterior finishes included EIFS, storefront, stick on stone, western cedar framing, and decorative steel fence that created a rustic look and atmosphere that continued with interior finishes of reclaimed tin and barn wood. The bar top and back of bar was custom made, utilizing reclaimed wood and old truck bodies for a wonderfully unique presentation. The project was completed within 6 months and ended with a satisfied developer, tenant and corporate office.



4,100 sf



Penny Bowen Designs, Inc.


6 Months