Our Commitment

The concepts and ideas that have guided Copeland & Johns, Inc. are based upon the practiced belief that a Contractor should provide much more than the minimum requirements needed to properly assemble specified engineered materials. 


We understand that construction projects are required to meet the needs of people by providing functional and efficient spaces for the business or institution for which they work. We know that the successful design and completion of a construction project will help create a working environment that directly impacts the individual’s ability to perform at an optimal level; thereby, contributing to the degree of success enjoyed by their employer.

It is paramount to Copeland and Johns, Inc. that projects not only meet the construction requirements demanded, but that those requirements are delivered in an honest, professional, and congenial manner by all of our employees.

Copeland & Johns, Inc. pursues clients, not projects, which accounts for the large percentage of repeat work and referrals from satisfied clients.

If selected as the Contractor for your project, Copeland & Johns, Inc. pledges that every effort will be made to meet the many special needs that inherently arise in construction. We further pledge to devote whatever time is needed on the part of our team to make the project as smooth as possible and to safeguard the construction investment to the best of our ability.